One day, the acorn woke up and said…

(ok, so much for the corny jokes)

Today seemed all about shapes.

It started out with the trapezoid at Dr. Hutta’s office.  It has to stay a while longer. Oh, well.  I’m used to that shape now.  Here are some more shapes from the day.img_2140




Then, of course, there were the multiple shapes in yoga class with Beaker.  I can’t tell you all of the shapes!  Curving lines, sharp angles, straight connecting lines…

…and then, of course, there was the shape of Blue Heron Sangha, which I like very much.


That would be the shape of a circle.  That’s a very good shape, if you think about it.  That shape can help us to stay in very good shape!

Have you ever thought about it, when someone talks about “what kind of shape they’re in?”

That’s worth a thought.  What kind of shape are you in?

Hip To Be Square

Be well, and at peace,


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