Have a seat!

Danish Modern

Danish Modern

It all started with that chair from last night!

Chair Pose

Beaker said, “you want to sit in the chair!  You want to reach the books!  No, you want to sit in the chair!  No, you want to reach up for the books!”

When one is put in such a situation, one might surprise one’s self, and find oneself saying out loud…

“my life!”

What do we do with ambivelance?  Well, for one, just hang in the middle.

Ever seen a strange bird hangin’ in the middle?  Well, maybe a hummingbird!

El Colibri–Starcevic

How long can we hover in the  middle, before our wings just give out, and give in…

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Have a seat!”

  1. okay..now I’m definitely linking to your blog. And just might get up from my desk and try the chair pose in the other room.

    I used to do mega yoga in the 80’s and 90’s… got away from it. Great for the body and soul. Not so good to become a disciple of an immoral, unethical guru. but that’s another story (in my 2nd book, in process of writing at this time.. ugh).

    ps. will definitely circle back around.. the blogosphere is just an interesting place, and I know it’s always a joy when someone appreciates our blogs and musings to the anonymous universe there.

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