what you wear...

that which we wear...can be taken off...and put on

It was a rather odd conversation with a friend on Facebook that started it going.  Somehow things went in the direction of memory, and I relayed to him a definition that I had recently read, and did not like at all.

Memory: Who we are.

The words scowled to me from the page, and I scowled back.

As I was talking to my friend tonight, it came to me that I did not wish to be defined by my memory (or lack thereof).  And I said so.

His question (as I remember it) was,

“well, how do you want to be defined?”

“by ME.”

“That seems straightforward.”

“My essence.”

It is good to think that Phil is larger than what churns around inside this cranium, or what seems like the physical body that Phil identifies as his own.

If memory serves (which it often does not), here are the notions that arose:

Solid and Free

Vast and Intimate

Separate and Connected

Directed and Unbridled

Perhaps you would like to add your own to this list.

It can be so liberating, if even for a moment to realize this, that what has happened can be taken off and put on, like a garment that goes in the washing machine on Friday evening.

The Zen Mind

We could all ask this question, and arrive at the answer which eludes us.

Who Am I

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Defined”

  1. Doris Says:

    Memory is how we perceive the past, not the actual facts of what happened.

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