My Feet and a Roman Basilica

What do they have in common?



You might think I’m making a silly joke!  I’m not.

At my Alexander lesson tonight, Dale (co-conspirator with Beaker) helped me become more aware of my feet in hopes of solving the foot cramp issue that rears its ugly head during yoga.  In the course of this curious work with Dale, he pointed out to me that the baldacchino of St. Peter’s is constructed just like the human foot!  Who would have thought?  My size 10D and Bernini in the same sentence.  Amazing!

That started my mind wandering about other expressions of our physique in art and architecture.  Consider the shape of a cathedral itself–nave, apse, transepts, crossing (where the heart is) like a human form.

By the end of that experience, I was standing a lot sturdier than before.

Have you ever thought of the shape music can take?  Get a load of this!

Little Fugue in G minor (Bach)

Thanks to the genius of Stephen Malinowski, and the Music Animation Machine. Super stuff!  I have used this with students on more than one occasion.

Enjoy all the beauty around us, that is…us!

Be well, and at peace,


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