Standing Still

happy couple eating lunch

happy couple eating lunch

Have you ever had issues with time? It can do strange things, can’t it?

Today was one of those days. Too many things happened that made it

stand still

jump back

skip around

Everything, it seems, except leaping forward. Of course, when distortions happen like all of that, it’s not easy to figure out which direction you’re going, so who knows?  Maybe forward really was there.

It’s starting to sink in, this notion of time as a construct, and all the things that have been, or will be, we really can only experience as some sort of reaction in our brain as now. The ramifications of this thought are rather staggering.

Think about it.  The minute you think about now, it really isn’t now any more, it’s just a notion of now, or a memory of now (whatever that means). And no matter how tiny you split the unit of time, it can still be split even tinier, so you will never arrive at now, only something you think is now.  The second you are aware of something, that something that you are aware of is no longer present in the exact state it was when you were aware of it. Or is it?

All I know is, that the most amazing things happen when the awareness of time disappears.  And that is when everything seems to suddenly stand still.

Coldplay–The Scientist

Buddhist Chant–Shingon

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “Standing Still”

  1. okathleen Says:

    I wish time would stand still, it just seems to whizz past me on its way to something more exciting…

  2. Doris Says:

    The picture of the cardinals gripped my heart.

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