Changes In Temperature

eventually, it all melts

eventually, it all melts

Funny, I had more flower talk with a colleague on Friday afternoon.  We were both talking about how much we loved chrysanthemums (why, I don’t remember), and I said, “well, I don’t grow them because they tend not to winter over well in this part of the country.  It’s all that freezing and thawing.”  “Funny,” she said, “I’ve never had that problem.”  “Well,” I replied, “they say that if you take precautions and thoroughly mulch after the ground has frozen, then the roots are protected. It’s all that freezing and thawing back and forth that tends to be hard on the roots and cause them to die.”

Are your flowerbeds mulched?  Is spring just around the corner?  How will you know? If you pull that mulch off too soon, what happens?

Let’s just say I’m looking forward to spring.

So Early, Early In the Spring

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Changes In Temperature”

  1. Deborah Ling Says:

    I love that caption “eventually it all melts.” And so do we. Eventually, all the hard, rough edges are melted away and all that is left is REAL (in the words of the Velveteen Rabbit) or God or Love or however you know yourself to be at home. XOXO to eveyone

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