At the Threshold

I found a wonderful new toy at a funky bookstore while in Cleveland:


I love the subtitle: “Explore the spatial effects of form and color.”

Today, for a little while during the middle of the day, I was fortunate enough that my teaching schedule allowed me to witness a very important passing through a very important gateway.  And for just a while, I decided that I would allow everything else to cease from existing, and just focus on what I was watching.

but back to Gateways!

Just by changing the order of the various colored and shaped cards in the plastic holder, the perception of space shifts!  Now, with just a few cards, the possibilities for variety of options seems limitless!  Now, begin to think about your life, and how different things can be for you, just by making little shifts…pull out a card here, put one back in there…change the order of those two, put the other one on top.  Pull that one out altogether!  There, now…

I think that this one is going to stay on my desktop for a long time.  Each new configuration I construct is like a little meditation, changing how I think and feel…

Phil Collins–True Colors

It doesn’t really matter to me what order you put your cards.  It’s all beautiful!  The question is, are you creating a compelling gateway for you to walk through?  I think so…

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “At the Threshold”

  1. Teresa Tayag Says:

    Yes, you always make me think. Sometimes, something so obvious can be so profound and applies beautifully to life.

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