Play it again, Johann!

Able to leap tall octaves in a single bound!

Able to leap tall octaves in a single bound!

One of my choir members has quite a sense of humor.  This was my Christmas present from her this year (gotta love alto humor!).  I do like him very much, and I can even download and print a fold-up clavichord for him here. Funny, though.  The more I look at the picture of him, the more disturbing he becomes to me on so many levels.  After all, for a superhero, he is rather stiff, isn’t he?  He looks rather lonely, sitting there, hallucinating his clavichord, arms poised, mid-air, ready to strike the first chord of the Italian Concerto. You know what Landowska always said: “You play Bach your way, and I’ll play him his way.” I guess when you’re the great Landowska, you can get away with such arrogance!  I don’t think my little Johann is nearly that arrogant.  He looks all serious and stern, but heck, he’s only about five inches high!  Who can take such a little guy so seriously, even with a face like that?

As children, though, didn’t we act out a lot of our…well, everything with action figures?  G.I. Joe, some cowboy figure whose name I can’t even remember, and those we used to hallucinate.  I had all sorts of people living in my lincoln log and lego houses.  But they were always ordinary people, just like me.  I never really had any superheroes then.

Maybe it’s not too late!  Johann, are you ready to inspire me?  As soon as I get a piece of white cardstock, I’m going to make your clavichord, I promise, and then you can serenade me here in my office while I wax philosophical like a very strange bird!

Or then again, maybe it’s the ordinary people that are really the superheroes.

I don’t know.

Maybe it’s me!

Five For Fighting–Superman

…looking for special things…

Be well, and at peace,


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