A Different Vantage Point

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner?

It was delicious! Black-eyed peas and veggies over brown rice, with Anthony’s yummy spinach sauteed with garlic and ginger.  I admit that my playfulness with the camera proves that some things are not particularly pleasant to look at from certain angles! I had a lot of fun discovering an ant’s-eye view of my dinner plate, though.  Seeing the picture above makes it not as easy for me to remember just how delicious it was.

Images can deceive us.  Then again, maybe you all think that things appear just fine!

My confession to you all tonight is that  images seem to be deceptive these days.  Ever felt like that?  If you have, please speak up!

It’s not that I dislike what I see on the dinner plate in that photo.  It’s just that the picture didn’t quite turn out like I thought it would, and now it’s not so easy to look at. Really, who thinks that bill of fare really looks that good?

Perhaps if the camera had been at a different angle, we would all be looking at it now, and saying, “I really like how that looks!” At least maybe one person would.  And right now, it sort of feels the camera has been misplaced.  Or at least maybe the batteries are almost run down, and where is the memory card?

The last time that happened, oh, the words that flew!  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  Anxious for the perfect picture, only to find ourselves not too well prepared for the moment, and left standing in a daze.

Well, one can’t be sure of what exactly to do in a moment like that, can one?

Breathe. (lyrics here)


Can we be well, and at peace…


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