You Better Watch Out!

Even paperwhites like to take a spin!

Even paperwhites like to take a spin!

Yesterday morning, my goddaughter was in delightfully typical form.  First she declared to me, “I can spin!”  This is most humorous as it was definitely not new information for me–she loves to spin, especially while the choir sings.  A few moments later she piped joyously, “Santa is coming!”  I said,  “really?  And when is he coming?”  Her response of course was, “on Christmas!”  “Oh,” I said, “when is that?” She paused for a moment, screwed her little face up just a bit, and then dreamily replied, “a long time ago…”

I looked at her mother, and said, “I see that we are still having issues with understanding time!”

After a while, I thought, “you know, this is really not a problem at all.  She doesn’t have an issue with time.  I’m the one with the issue!”  I realized that she lived in that blissful state of the now, where past, present and future all gracefully meld together like a young girl’s pirouette, where all the magic of yesterday, today and tomorrow is focused into the experience of where I am right now.

I would like to be more like that!

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy–On the Glass Armonica

Now, let’s all have a spin, shall we?

Be well, and at peace,


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