Go forward.

Home to Roost...and Moving Forward.

Home to Roost...and Moving Forward.

Today has been an incredibly busy day–concert tonight with my choir and the Magpie Consort. What fun!  The gem of the evening for me was a double-choir piece with Magpie down front and my choir up in the loft.  Stereophonic choral!

Now that I am finally home and rested, I am reflecting on something that happened earlier today.  Anthony came up to the office with a book in hand–Apples & Oranges by Marie Brenner. It’s a book about sibling relationships.

He opened up to the last chapter, and as he held it up to me, said, “read that.  That is what it’s all about.” And, so I did.  And I read…

It was completely nothing-special brother-sister kind of day.

And extraordinary day.

It could have always been like that.

If only.

But we had that.  And, in the end, so much else.

“Go forward,” he said.

“Okay,” I would have liked to have been able to say.

And so much else.

You see, Anthony is an only child, so this book was fascinating for him!  I, of course, could have filled in a lot of gaps for him on the subject, being baby brother, as my sister often called me.

Moving forward.

The thing about that, is that when you move forward, and someone else stays in the same place, or moves in a different direction,  guess what?  You create space. And after that, what do you do to close the space? This is what I’m working on now, and I can tell you, it is not easy.

So, I find myself saying, “what now?”

Well, for now, I do the things I know to do.  Breathe.  Be.  Pay attention.  Love.  And life is so full of it now, that is for sure.

(by the way, the photo of my face is not narcissistic, but part of a specific project–you might even call it homework!)

Arise, shine, and…go forward!

Tallis Scholars–Surge, Illuminare

Be well, and at peace,


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