Our Lady of Guadelupe, pray for us.

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadelupe. One year ago, several of you, and myself, were leaning heavily on Our Lady for aid. Do any of you know why?

I was in the hospital after a five-hour surgery. Anthony, as well as anyone else who saw me that evening, will tell you that I was not in my right mind. Heavy narcotics and five hours of general anesthesia tend to do that to you!


The above piece is a shrine that our organist made me.

Do you know the story of Guadelupe, and Juan Diego? It’s all about a miracle of roses in the wintertime. Now, there is something to look for!

And then there was the Shrine to St. Appolonia made by my good friend Pam, who has quite a sense of humor:


Isn’t that delightful? I especially like that she is surrounded by a wreath of elastics, as even a year after that surgery, I am STILL wearing them! Can you believe it?

Well, one year later, I am here. And we can all be happy about that, can’t we?

Here is a video at the shrine in Mexico, from the eve of my surgery. I was up practically all night, and did happen to watch this broadcast on our local Spanish language channel.

Virgen de Guadelupe

This song is traditionally sung on birthdays in Mexico. What a wonderful notion!

May we all, like Juan Diego, now discover the sweetest roses in our dead of winter.

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “Our Lady of Guadelupe, pray for us.”

  1. Pamela Villars Says:

    She is one of my favorites – I live in Texas and have her in several rooms – there is such a peace that emanates from her presence. I didn’t know today was her day – thank you.


  2. Deborah Ling Says:

    I am finally back online after a week off — horrors — and, no, it took me reading your blog to remember where I was a year ago — in the hospital with Anthony (and you and Dr Cook ) OOOOOOOOOOOh my, what water under the bridge since that wonderful day!! I enjoyed Anthony immensely, and he endured me like a king. Many blessings and wonderful rest of Advent. XOXO Xeborah

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