Houseguests and Evening Jests

Houseguest is at home!

Houseguest is at home!

Claudia and Isaiah’s kitty Copper is with us for a week. Evidently she is quite at home! Normally when she stays with us, she takes a couple of days to get used to us. This time, however, she took about two hours instead, and then settled right in. She sleeps all night (how unusual for a kitty!), and then greets me with a morning song while I draw my morning bath. It’s loud and somewhat obnoxious, but thankfully, short.

So, enough of that, and on to other ferocious creatures at the Old Mohawk. Andy Ball has created another face. He says that his friends say that it looks drunk because one of the eyes is an X!


One Scary Face!

The Not-So-Scary Andy Ball!

The Not-So-Scary Andy Ball!

I don’t know if it’s true or not. I’ll let you decide on your own…

Andy’s work will be displayed at a local artist’s show in Granville next Saturday. You can always buy one of his pieces at the Old Mohawk as well!

So, nothing too deep for you tonight. Just some musings about a houseguest who seems as though she is finally feeling at home, and some masks we may or may not wear…and masks can be fun, since we all wear them from time to time, anyway. Just know when to wear them, and when to take them off, and that both are good…


Tea's all gone...time to go home.

Tea's all gone...time to go home.

Be well, and at peace,


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