Doing the Dishes

I should put the dishes away more often, because interesting things come to my mind when I do.


Aren’t they nice?  We bought them not too long ago at the Libbey Glass Outlet in Toledo.  What a bargain!

Of course, some of the old ones stayed.  That’s the way it is when you integrate something new, isn’t it?  You don’t need to throw out all the old when the new comes in. Now I find it interesting, and thought about it as these dishes were finding their homes in the shelves, that Anthony put the old ones in the basement.  I’m sure you’ve all done that before. And sometimes we just aren’t quite ready to let go of all of the old when the new comes in.  Ah, those attachments…and I was wondering tonight, just how long will those old dishes sit in the basement collecting dust, before we say, “you know, someone could find these useful,” and give them to the secondhand store, or the church rummage sale, or…who knows?  And yet, something in us sometimes just doesn’t want to let go.

You know, this is the season of letting go.  Make your house fair as you are able.  Let every heart prepare…we all know.  And yet, the thought of letting go sometimes brings tears to the corners of my eyes.  Sometimes people hold onto things for their whole lives, and then at the end, look back and wonder, “what have I done?”  Is that where I want to be in forty, fifty years…I do not think so.

So what’s collecting dust in your basement?  Why not just let it go?  As Beaker says, “shake it where it belongs!  To the past, to the future, and just focus on this moment now.”

Be ready for Incarnation.  It is here!

Ad te levavi

Be well, and at peace,


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