Regression and Time Distortion

This morning was a very interesting shopping trip.

Remember Andrew at Marc’s? If you don’t, look here. Here’s his latest news–he’s involved in some ambient sound project at at Skylab in downtown Columbus. When Anthony asked him if it was like a club, he said, “no, it’s more like visiting someone’s home, except it’s in a big space in an old office building. Kind of like what Andy Warhol did at the Factory in NYC. Check it out–I think Andrew’s right–it wouldn’t be my cup o’ tea, but then again, I’ve been known to be interested in some strange things! Undoubtedly the experience would take you back, if you are a child of the sixties!

And then there was Trader Joe’s, where…

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It was invasion of blue eye shadow, leg warmers, excessive jewelry, big hair…you get the picture. But in case you don’t…

Kristy and Silver

Kristy and Silver

Amy and Her Big Earrings

Amy and Her Big Earrings

Now that was a serious regression to a time when we really let our hair down!

I hope that you enjoy this little trip down memory lane. Perhaps you can create your own now…go ahead, it’s all right…just go…



We actually went to Trader Joe’s twice this morning! The second time was after a visit to The Anderson’s, where we bought a cauliflower that was as big as your head! Anthony then decided that going back to TJ’s was in order, since we wanted some really good swiss cheese and whole milk to make the most exquisite gratin. The recipe will be up later…well, we got stuck in the aisle near the breakfast food talking to Silver about life as a social worker in England, and being vulnerable, and how little parents are aware of what they do to their children sometimes…I suggested that if they were able to step out of themselves once in a while, and observe themselves and what they do, they might begin to change, now might they not?

We can all do that…

…and before I knew it, I looked at my watch, and realized that the time had flown! Not so unusual for a strange bird!

So, back home with a cup of steaming tea…

Be well, and at peace.


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