Contemplating Submodalities at Rockbridge

We had a lovely hike at Rockbridge Nature Preserve this morning.  I was not in the best frame of mind to enjoy it, but perhaps now I can see what happens when one allows a problem to become blown out of proportion. Have you ever experienced that?  Of course you have.  Let’s all take our amazing shrinking machine now, and let it work until that problem can fit in the dimple of a crease of the palm of your hand.  Is that small enough?  Can you still see it?  Need to be smaller?  Perhaps we can get out our super-duper electron microscope.  Now, put it under the lens.  There you go.  Keep shrinking.  Ok…

Or, is it annoying in your ear?  Let’s turn the volume control down.  What number is it on right now?  Well, can you adjust it down to a…there.  Now what would it take for you to put it down a few more notches until…ahhh…there you go!  Now take a deep breath, and enjoy the quiet.

Oh, maybe it’s a feeling.  Somewhere in your body?  Where?  How would it feel if you allowed it to shift to…is that better?  More comfortable?  Less comfortable?  Well, maybe you could put it…yes, that’s it!  Now, just allow your body to release it from there, and…it’s all good.

Now you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Rockbridge with me, as many times as you like.  Just go ahead and store these images somewhere in your mind where you can easily access them at will.  And you can, you know…

This is the “rock bridge” of Rockbridge!

"rock bridge"

Better now?  Me too.  Thank you.

George Winston–Colors/Dance

Be well, and at peace,


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