Mindfulness Games!

Today I was working with a group of students.

On mindfulness.

That’s right!

Who would have thought that a simple game of passing beanbags in a circle would do that?

But it did.

Here’s the song we were using for the game:


(perhaps not great art, but it goes over well with six and seven year-olds!)

It was fascinating to me how mindful some of the children were of their bodies and the bodies of their neighbors in the circle, as well as how much some of them were lacking in mindfulness.  In order to make the “game” work, they had to pass the beanbags in rhythm with the music, demonstrating a duple meter (pass, hold…rinse and repeat, you get the picture).  I had a few of the kids who were simply in “la la land” come sit in the middle of the circle, in order to observe what was going on (I made it very clear to them that it was not punishment, but only a way of helping them to bring attention to how the game worked).

This made me think.

How many times have I been invited to the middle of the circle?

When was I aware of the beanbag as it landed in my hand?

When was I aware of the beanbag as I was passing it on to someone else?

Are you ready?  Let’s play!

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Mindfulness Games!”

  1. Julianna Says:

    Hi! Good to hear from you again! Just stopping to say hello!

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