The Mixed Bag at Highbanks

I promised you all wonderful pictures from Highbanks Metro Park, and wonderful pictures you shall have. I would like to kindly suggest to you, however, that the most intresting ones will be the ones you create in your own mind now…

When we arrived at Highbanks this afternoon (after the 25 minute drive) we were shocked to find that there was nary an available parking place in the whole park! That gives you an idea of just how gorgeous a day it was. So, we finally found one (with persistance and determination) in the back of the park. Highbanks is one of my favorite places in central Ohio for fall foliage, and we don’t get up there very often! Let’s just say that I was not to give up easily.

Have you ever gone somewhere that you’ve been before, but approached it from a completely different starting point? Boy, can that throw you for a loop! Anthony convinced me that we had been on this trail before, but I was somewhat skeptical, until the more familiar landmarks came later. In the meantime, I enjoyed looking in every possible direction, and comparing the variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures of leaves…

Awareness of space, size, distance, brightness, saturation, focus, all came to mind. Just how many different ways could I look at a maple leaf? From how many angles? In how many contexts? If I just blinked now, and looked again, would it look the same, or change? How would it take on different appearance if I put it next to an oak leaf, or a pawpaw leaf, or a beech leaf, or…

Sometimes certain colors just popped out at me, but required me to alter my field of vision…

Now, isn’t that incredible! And just think, all you have to do is look in a different direction now.

Sometimes the more subtle hues are what I’m looking for.

And sometimes…

…a complete surprise pops out of nowhere! I sure do remember those colors when I was a boy…the lovely sumac, with the furry dark red clusters of berries, perching atop each branch like a late summer torch!

And another moment I couldn’t resist…Sassafrass. Just chewing a bit on one of the leaf stems is enough to erase about thirty years from my life! I always used to enjoy pressing the mitten-shaped leaves in between pages of the dictionary in my younger days…didn’t everyone do a leaf project back in grade school?

Then there is the pawpaw. The leaves smell like bell peppers, and the fruit, though delicious is more trouble than it’s worth! Well, the raccoons and squirrels might disagree with me on that point!

Taking a moment to be aware of my feet now…

(ooh, which way will they turn now, I wonder)

And then, there is this.

This empty bench intrigued me. What does emptiness make you think of?

More views looking up!

And out…

In the middle of the darkness, spots of light, which elsewhere might get lost in the glare, have an amazing impact.

I hope that you enjoyed this walk in the woods with us!

And to give you a little more food for thought…


Paulo Nutini–Autumn

Like Paulo, can we find what we’ve lost now? I think so…let’s live with hope, now.

Be well, and at peace,


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