An Exercise in Futility

Thursday is my “easy day,” so to speak, in regards to teaching. I love the finish of my Thursday, because my last class of the day is kindergarten, and this year, I have a lot of fun in kindergarten. I have told several staff members that I have now permanently regressed to the age of five, so leave me alone (promptly after I put my Dum Dum sucker back in my mouth)!

Lunch was in Westgate Park, and things are looking so delightful. Behold my exercise in futility, being that of attempting to capture the beauty my senses were taking in today.

Even as beautiful as you may or may not think these images are, they only represent one small part of my particular perspective today. Have you heard the NLP presupposition The map is not the territory? It has gotten thrown around a lot even to the point of becoming clichĂ©, but there is a lot of truth to it. What we experience of life is just that–it’s what we experience, and not what anyone else experiences. We may share things in common with others, but at the end of the day, our world view can end up being very different from others, even sometimes those that we are closest to.

This is so true in the interpretation of music, which is incredibly subjective! Ever listen to two different performances of the same piece of music? That’s right. The composer may put certain notes down on the page, but those notes can only go so far in interpreting the real music. Here’s an example:

Amazing Grace–Judy Collins

Amazing Grace–Mahalia Jackson

What is it that makes those two interpretations so different? Just let your mind wander about that now, and find yourself creating a very long list…

Now, where can we apply this learning…in what other areas of our lives? And how can we allow this learning to bring us to a more peaceful day?

This is one way in which I am willing to step out of my world of regression to the age of five, and begin to grow up…now…

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “An Exercise in Futility”

  1. Andy Duffy Says:

    Wonderful post, keep up the excellent discoveries.

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