Find the WE

Have you ever had a time when you were unable to speak, and someone did so on your behalf?

I’ve had that happen more than several times in my life.

Moments like that help us to see less of the “me and you” and more of the “we.”

Normally, when my choir sings, I sing with the tenors (we’re a small group–usually somewhere between twelve and sixteen members). Yesterday at the concert, I couldn’t sing a note.

This morning, I wrote one of my tenors in an email that I felt like he was singing on my behalf yesterday, in the most beautiful and fearless way. It really stirred me, and for a few fleeting moments I had that complete sense of the WE.

This morning, my friend Jay read my last post here, and sensed that my energy was low (understatement!). His response was to write this poem for me. I thought it was too beautiful to keep to myself, so (with Jay’s permission) here it is:

Can not fall

Holding a heart beat
I hear whispers in the street
Looking through the times
Mind wonders
Dreams thunder
Life turns
Can not Fall

High rise
Looking down
Winds of time
Shadows flicker
Heart cries
Deeper than deep
Can not Fall

Sing a song
Life unfolds
Connected to friends and foe
We are the Dance of Life
Unchained emotions
Separate yet we are one
Can not Fall

Whispers tied to the winds
Messages from afar
Faking it making it
With out your shadows
Just be you
Can not Fall

Lost in the magazines
Other peoples Life’s
No place to hide
Walking through the lost and found
Can not Fall

Days go by
Dreams play on by
Rainbows and heart beats
Surrender to the one song
Universe within
Live life
Love life
Can not Fall

Be healthy Mr. Phil

Jay Budzynski

Today, in some way, how can you acknowledge the WE…

Better Together–Jack Johnson

Be well, and at peace,


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