Neither Here Nor There

Today was a busy day–again! But not too busy to pay attention!

Over lunch I was reading Comfortable with Uncertainty (still!) in Westgate Park. While doing so, I began to be aware of what was around me. And, of course, what always strikes me in Westgate Park are the trees.

The trees are in that funny in-between stage. Not really green. Not really turned. It’s the early october phase before the full burst of glory. And yet, if you look closely at individual leaves, some of them seem quite transformed.

I thought, “can we say these trees are still green? Turning? Turned? All of these? None of these?”

It struck me that the trees did an awfully good job of demonstrating how life is. Thich Nhat Hanh said this during a talk in Hong Kong last year:

“In order to answer what happens us when we die, we need to answer another question – what happens when we are alive?

What is happening now to us? In English we say ‘we are’ but it’s proper to say ‘we are becoming’ because things are becoming. We’re not the same person in two consecutive minutes.

A picture of you as baby looks different to you now. The fact is you are not exactly the same as that baby and not entirely a different person either. In a picture of you as a five year old, you are not exactly the same as that child and not entirely a different person either – the form, feelings and mental formations are different.

In the middle way there is no sameness and no otherness

You may think you are still alive but in fact you have been dying everyday, every minute, cells die and are born – for neither do we have funerals or birthdays (laughter).”

Such a continuum life and death is, and yet we choose to not see it that way.

Tonight, before choir rehearsal, I was eating dinner at the North Star Cafe. I had my favorite North Star Burger–yum! These beauties caught my eye as soon as I sat down:

Notice the dahlias on the left side? Pretty wilted. And every bit as beautiful as the one on the right. In fact, in some ways, more beautiful.

So the next time you think you’re somewhere, just realize, you might not be! For now, I might be…


(this one goes out to you-know-who!)

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Neither Here Nor There”

  1. Sara Says:

    Wilted flowers have really great texture and I like the trees too. Oh I haven’t started my blog yet…but I will soon. I love nature and spend much time with the trees….

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