Be a tree.

Tonight was all about the tree.

Yoga class with Beeker is wonderful! We did the tree pose twice, and then once with partners (mine was Anthony). Intresting. First time, tipple, topple, nearly tumble every time I try to stand on one foot. Oh, how that tree pose frustrates me. And tonight, we were on the patio, staring at trees.

Then we did something else for a while.

Then, Beeker said, “lets prepare to do tree pose again, but before you do, stand with your feet and legs anchored, and your hands in fists. Now for every association with a tree that comes to your mind, hold out a finger, and see how many come to mind…now choose the one that most resonates in you, and be mindful of it while you do tree pose again.”



Much more like a tree.

Then we did something else again.

Then, Beeker said, “now I’m going to teach you how to be a tree with someone else. In our lives, we need to be able to interact and intertwine with others, while maintaining our own sense of center and balance.”

I liked it.

Later on, at Blue Heron Sangha, we listened to a CD that guided us in a walking meditation. The CD talked about feeling like a…you guessed it…tree at the beginning. I had such a chuckle inside of me!

Be a tree. And you know how to best do that for you now, don’t you?

And now, my favorite song about a tree, sung by a man who is still my friend, even though he no longer walks this Earth. Mister Rogers, I will never forget that phone call…

Mister Rogers Sings “Tree, Tree, Tree”

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “Be a tree.”

  1. Okay, Phil – give. Tell us the story of Mr. Rogers and the phone call.

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