Drumming With Deborah!

Tonight I went to Deborah’s house to drum. Oh, what a delight that was, and we had a big group–fifteen of us all together! The evening began with an invocation from the Iroquois oral tradition, as recorded by Sister Jose Hobday. We faced the four directions, looked up, touched the ground, placed our hand over our heart, and made eye contact with each other. I love the part that I read:

(as we touch the ground) Oh Great Spirit of all that is Down. We thank you for our Mother, the Earth. We ask to be humble, to be simple, to never consider ourselves above all our relations in creation. And may we walk with such respect upon the earth, that when it is time for us to go to her, she may receive us sweetly to her heart.

It caused me to think forward to tomorrow night when we will celebrate the vigil of Francis’ death, with Transitus.

We began with a warm-up which put the Djembes in the forefront, and for me it was interesting, because it’s the same thing that I’ve been learning in yoga and meditation, and…other places in life…restistance…and then release. What a good lesson I’m learning everywhere!

Then, we wheeled out Grandmother, and the serious drumming began.

When we were all almost worn out, Linda began a song, while several of us (including myself) played Grandmother bare-handed.

We are the power in everyone.

We are the dance of the moon and the sun.

We are the hope that will never hide.

We are the turning of the tide.

As I joined in, I began to believe it. For brief moments, and even now, I sense an opening…

Special guests for the evening–first, Deborah’s sister Phyllis, visiting from Carey, North Carolina. Don’t they look like sisters?

And the prize for the one who traveled farthest to come to drumming circle? Ketevani!

She came with Jodie.

She is an exchange student from Tbilisi, Georgia, and a Junior at Westerville Central. Her English is excellent, as she has been studying it for seven years!

Thank you to everyone who gathered their energy together tonight in Stan and Deborah’s basement room. What a wonderful evening!

May we all continue to learn the lessons of life…Aho.

The Turning of the Tide

Carly Simon–Turn of the Tide

Be well, and at peace,


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