We’re off to see the Wizard!

…and his name is Rubin Battino! Yesterday after work, I dashed home, changed clothes, and Anthony and I hopped into the car to head towards Yellow Springs. Ever since I can remember (except that I can’t seem to remember now), I’ve bruxed at night, and Rubin thought he could help me out with that. I’ll keep you posted, but all indications from last night are that this may be in the past now…

While I was in for my mind spin, Anthony got his at Glen Helen. It’s a lovely nature preserve in Yellow Springs, that actually has a yellow spring that’s really brown, but we can use our imagination, now can’t we? Anyway, while Anthony was on his hike, he encountered Bob Paschell. Check out his tee shirts–they are splendid. So, while Rubin and I were having a conversation about placebo (among other things), Bob and Anthony were talking about placebo and possible (kindly use the French pronunciation, and you’ll get it). Rubin would have been tickled by that conversation!

I hope to meet Bob soon, and buy some tee shirts. When you see them on his website, you will understand his interest in wordplay more.

And I got my dose of wordplay from Rubin, thinking about what it means to chew. Sorry if that sounds too vulgar for you, but believe me, sometimes you have to go somewhere that is not too pleasant to be able to stop your daily grind–or nightly grind, as the case may be!

And there might be something or someone that you’re grinding on now, that seems beyond your control to stop, but you know now that you can and do choose something different now, something more useful than that grind, and holding on…isn’t it better just to let go now, and realize that when you do, you’re still there…and the compassion that you can show yourself will now fill you completely, and so fully that it can’t help reach out to everyone around you…

…so just click your heels three times, know that you already had the solution before you recognized the problem, and leap forward to the moment where you can look back into tomorrow, and realize that this all was so easy to resolve…now…and it is, just by letting go…

Israel Kamakawiwo Ole–Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

Be well, and at peace,


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