Perseverance in the Face of…

Tonight, we went for our second yoga class with Beaker Prince at Schiller Recreation Center.

I really looked forward to it beforehand.

By the time we were halfway through the class, my mind was in a full out and out battle with itself.

Oh, the negative self talk.  “I don’t belong here.  What do I think you’re doing?  This is ridiculous, contorting my body into these strange poses.  Maybe I should just get up and leave!!!”

Then something shifted, and I remembered something my friend Al said, and that I get my students to do, to put them in a better learning state…“soft eyes.” The minute I did that, I became more aware of everything and everyone around me, and ironically, what was going on in my own body.  And then I started to notice my very patient teacher, gently wandering around the patio, as she does, and quietly helping other students, like myself, here and there…guiding their wayward bodies with her hands ever so slightly…adjusting our positions, bringing us back into alignment.

In that moment, I realized, “I am not alone.”

Isn’t that a wonderful realization?

And now and again, life throws us a little bit out of alignment, and we need a gentle hand, from someone else, or perhaps even ourself, to bring us back to center.  And that is more than OK, it is wonderful, because it is the reality of NOW, isn’t it…amazing things can happen in that moment when we decide to BE and become aware of all that is around us, and then allow our hearts to open with patience, and compassion towards ourselves, and the whole world.

Be well, and at peace,


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