Turn on the bubble machine!

I know that from the title of this post, you may be thinking of Lawrence Welk, but I’m thinking of something else…

Andy Austin has his Rainbow Machine. I have my bubble machine!

At the end of every day I have bus duty. Several days ago, I noticed a seven-year-old boy looking quite distressed and even anxious as he waited in the gym for the bus. Once again, his classmate reminded me that he did not want to ride the bus, but wanted his mom to pick him up. Today, I decided to help him work on this problem once and for all.


P: Hi! How was your day?
S: (shrugs)
P: (plops himself down next to S on the floor)
P: So what are you going to do when you get home today?
S: I don’t know…
P: Well, I’M going to do the laundry! I think I’ll make lots and lots of bubbles when I do. How much soap do you think I should use?
S: I don’t know. Five cups?
P: Oh, that would make A LOT OF BUBBLES! That would be quite a mess in my laundry room.
S: Well, how about two?
P: Yes, that’s more like it for a big load.
S: I know, because my mom usually uses only one.
P: Well, yes, there are those bubbles. And then, there are the magic bubbles!
S: (eyebrows raise)
P: (whispering) Do you want to hear about the magic bubbles?
S: (nods, inquisitively)
P: Well, some days, when I’m feeling sad, I pull out my bottle of magic bubbles. I unscrew the cap, and take three big sniffs. It always makes me feel happy! Do you want to see my magic bubbles?
S: Yes.
P: Well, only if you’re really sure that you want to. They’re very powerful.
S: OK!
P: (pull out imaginary bottle from my pocket and slowly bring up to S eye level. S eyes nearly bug out of his head. I match his expression, and continue, by unscrewing the lid, taking three sniffs and then commencing to giggle)
P: Ready to try? (I stick in front of S nose, and he BURSTS out laughing). Oh, I told you they were powerful!
S: (takes three sniffs and doubles over in laughter, with big grin)
P: You can take them with you.
S: Mom doesn’t want a mess in the house.
P: Oh, don’t worry. These bubbles don’t make a mess.
S: My sister might find them.
P: No, they’re magic. Put them in your book bag, and when you get home, find a safe place for them.
S: I could put them under my bed!
P: That’s right!
S: Do you think that I could tell my mom about them?
P: Do you think she would want to know about them?

Our conversation soon was interrupted as his bus was called. For the first time this year, he walked out to the bus with a big grin on his face!

That really made my day. I want to do that kind of work every day for the rest of my life!

Lawrence Welk (because everyone needs bubbles!)

Be well, and at peace,


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2 Comments on “Turn on the bubble machine!”

  1. Phil, you’re a magician in the best sense of the word.

    …and a one, and a two, and a…

  2. […] that day, I received a very special gift from a boy named Sam.  Do you remember “Turn On the Bubble Machine?” That was […]

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