Natural Light

I’m still home today.  Yet another day of no teaching.  That’s not to say that the learning doesn’t continue!

Last night, Jean and her son Jack came over for dinner, and to use our washer and dryer, since they still don’t have electricity.  Shortly after they arrived, Jean pulled out her phone, and said, “I have pictures of the tree.”  “What tree,” I asked.  “You know, the one just one block over that was completely uprooted!”  It’s funny how sometimes you can be so close to something, and not be aware that it’s there.

That’s Jack, perched atop the root ball!

Last night, after Jean and Jack had gone home, Anthony said to me (looking out the kitchen window), “it’s so bright out there.  Come look at the moon!”  And we did.  This morning, he asked me, “do you know why the moon seemed so bright?”  I was a little slow, not having had my morning cup of coffee, and just sat there.  “Half the city has no electricity.  When you strip away all that artificial light, you can really see it clearly.”

“Thank you,” I replied, smiling back.

Maybe you can turn off the lights, too, just like the 500,000 people in central Ohio…

Enya–Tea House Moon

Be well, and at peace,


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