Changing Directions…

Today was all about a change of direction.

If you live in central Ohio, you know that many people don’t have electricity right now. We are fortunate enough to have not lost our power, although, thinking back to the first week of June, some amazing things happened while I sat in the dark…maybe losing power is not such a bad thing!

Last night, my school district announced that they would be closed–no wonder, becuase more than sixty school buildings are without power, and not a repair truck in sight (they’re all in Texas, I think!). I thought, oh what a nice treat! I have a day off. Now as long as we don’t use up more than five calamity days, we’re A-OK. I was scheduled to go see Rubin Battino in Yellow Springs this afternoon after work anyway, so this change in plans would un-cramp my schedule a bit. No complaints from me!

Then my cell phone rang at 7:45. Rubin called. Evidently the whole town of Yellow Springs has no electricity, so we had to reschedule the appointment for next week (I’ll keep you posted!).

That was a huge shift. If you know anything about how Rubin practices, you understand why!

In the spirit of Brief Therapy, Rubin expects his clients to do a lot of work prior to the appointment. After all, we have all of the necessary resources to resolve our own issues. We just need someone to help us get unstuck. So now, here I sit in Columbus, wondering what to do, and not just with my time. I have been building up to and working on preparing for this session for a couple of weeks. So, what did I do? Time for some moving meditation–with Jim and the dogs!

Jim was my first contact with the local WUTYL group. I was pretty sure that Jim’s schedule would be flexible today, and we were already scheduled to meet later in the week for an abbreviated walk. Today we could do a proper walk–and we did. About two hours, through Tuttle Park, on the Bike Trail, and through Clintonville. At the end of that walk, which was full of rich conversation, and delightful interaction with China and Ben (Jim’s two boxers), I sat down across from Jim at his dining table, drinking a cool glass of water, and noticed a shift in my body from where it was two hours before. And that’s good.

After all, we all do have all the resources that we need, don’t we?

After I got home, I noticed a message from a new friend on NLP Connections, Matt Gupwell. Matt lives in Solihull, UK, and is a totally self-trained NLPer, like me (I’ll leave you to wonder about the reasons we decided to connect, but it’s all good!). Matt and I talked about uses of NLP, and I shared with him how I first used some of the techniques to help me deal with my health issues, and now how useful I am finding it in the classroom. The issue of the Swish Pattern came up in conversation, and we uncovered a limiting belief of mine, that I couldn’t do it! Well, evidently all I really needed was for Matt to explain it to me. And he did, in a way that seemed incredibly effortless to me. Thank you so much, Matt!

Here’s a Video that might help you understand:

Peter Freeth from Salad Ltd., and the Quick Swish

Yet another shift. And a quick one at that!

Rubin, I’ll see you next week. But for now, I’m managing to change directions…just as you can now, too.

Here’s a musical swish for you!

Be well, and at peace,


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