Let It Be.

Sometimes, when I want to write, nothing comes.

Then when I forget about it, it flows.

A few months ago, I re-taught myself to go to sleep.  You know, you can’t make yourself go to sleep.  You have to let it be. And I did.

When you sing a high note (I’ve done a few of those in my lifetime), you have to let it be. Let it take on its life.  Let it rest on its vital balancing point. Norman Phillips understood that with me, and even though he never taught it to me explicitly during that one semester I studied with him, the message came loud and clear.  Don’t force it.  Just let it be, now. I learned more from him in that one semester than from all my other teachers combined.  Norman, I don’t know where you are right now (I think Boulder, Colorado), but when you read this, thank you.

Can you let it be, now?  Whatever it is.  Just take a deep breath, and find that resting point.  When you do, you discover the goodness of everything in life, and as my friend vern says, you can “close the loop.”

You don’t have to completely understand.  Just rest in it.  It’s good.

The Beatles–Let It Be

Be.  Be well, and at peace,


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