Water Drama at Westgate Park

I felt so lucky today to be able to sneak away from all of my little darlings in the middle of the day, and spend a few moments of repose at Westgate Park. I was really in the mood to pay attention, so you can imagine that I was noticing a lot of things all around me!

One thing I love about that park is that it’s a three-minute drive from one of the schools I work in. Another thing is that it has huge, beautiful trees. Under those trees are nice picnic tables, but one of them happened to have litter strewn all around it.

I just stood there for a minute. Then I picked up one thing. Then another. Then another. Before long, it was looking tidy, happily ready for someone to enjoy it. I had my sites on other spots, though, as I made a beeline for a bench next to the pond. Normally, one thing I enjoy about that pond is the sound of the fountain in the middle of it, the continuous cascade of water on the surface of the pond, gently relaxing me…much to my surprise, as I sat down, I notice that it isn’t running. My initial thought is that it is shut off for the rest of the summer, for some reason, so I pretty much ignore it, and pull out Expectation
(I finished it, by the way–excellent book!). Just when I was becoming completely absorbed in learning about Jay Hayley and ordeal therapy (my doesn’t that sound scary? but it isn’t…), I heard a gurgle. Then a spurt. Then a splash. Huh. Then it stopped. More reading. Gurgle. Spurt. Splash. Huh. The intervals seemed to be random, too. At least as near as I could tell (maybe they weren’t, I was too interested in ambiguous function assignments by then, or some such thing!). While I wandered and wondered about gurgling water in the middle of murky waters, I noticed a fisherman down the shoreline a bit. And he would sit there and wait. And watch. And every so often he would pull the line in. Then recast. Then sit. Then wait. Then watch.

And while I sat and wandered and wondered about water, I sat and wandered and wondered about something in the water, and something going into the water, and someone like me who was not in the water, but in the water at the same time. And all the while I was completely soaking in all the water of the words of Rubin’s wonderful book, every so often laughing at certain words, especially warnings to the readers, and other little jokes, that I heard in his playful voice, and saw him say with a twinkle in his eye, because I could, and it made it more fun. Sitting there made me think about how learning can be fun, can’t it? And I was very fun (and funny) with the children today, being extremely goofy, and playing some fun games to remember all their names (which I did!), and just thinking, “you know, life is good. And sometimes things come in spurts, and sometimes we sit and watch and wait. And it’s all good, now isn’t it?”

It is, you know!

Be well, and at peace,


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