Just About There…

Here’s a picture of being just about there…at one of my favorite German Village hangouts, the Cup O’ Joe. Great coffee, pastries, atmosphere. Wonderful! What a lovely contribution to Columbus, Ohio culture.

Charming street, isn’t it? By the way, the coffee shop is just around the corner…

I told the barista this morning that it seemed particularly laid back today. He replied, “we’ve actually been pretty busy. A lot of people run in and out.” “Well,” I said, “that will not be my mode this morning! I plan on curling up somewhere with a good book and reading!” He smiled knowingly, as undoubtedly his mind took him someplace else…and so did mine!

I did curl up with a good book. Expectation: The Very Brief Therapy Book, by Rubin Battino. My apologies to Rubin, I’ve bought so many books this year that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy another one right now, so I got this one through ILL at our wonderful Columbus Metropolitan Library (if you have not discovered the joys of interlibrary loan, I suggest to you that you consider it now).

Expectations is a great book for my reality this morning. Rubin loves to talk about the power of “as-if.” Do you ever feel stuck? Just take a minute now, and consider that you can step outside of your situation. And as you do, you can travel into the future now, and look back to a time not far from now when you are able to witness in an amazing way how that very notion of being stuck begins to unstick, and you provide yourself with all the freedom you need to operate in a more elegant, effortless, and joyful way, now…

This morning, I was on my game again of boosting endorphins and serotonin. That’s right. Makin’ ’em smile. OK, so it’s a bit manipulative. Maybe. I consider it my part in bringing about world peace through more happiness. It’s interesting how people respond to that little physical suggestion. I was in such deep rapport with one man on the other side of the coffee shop that every so often he would just turn his head to look at me (I would notice this the instance it happened, out of my peripheral vision), and I would look at him again with my pleasant smile! Then the guy next to him began to do the same thing! I dare say, it is contagious.

I have a strange belief that people who walk with canes have amazing powers, so when a lovely woman with long grey hair and a cane walked in (with a young man–and my mind wondered about that relationship), my eyes were immediately drawn to her. And hers to mine, interestingly enough. I caught her smile on the way to the counter, and then as she passed me again on her way out to one of the sidewalk tables, I caught it again! This time, she asked me how I was, and I said, “fantastic! And how are you?” She replied, with the slightest hesitation, “just about there.”

Later, I thought, “just about there…and what would it take, now, for all of us to gently shift, or slide, or hop, from ‘just about there’ to ‘there, now…'”

As Rubin has said to me, “sometimes just thinking about it is enough.” And it is. You can do that too, now…

Be well, and at peace,


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