What Is NLP? Mark Caron’s New Blog

Mark Caron posts a useful document that contains some helpful information about NLP on his new blog, Awaken Coaching.

Thanks, Mark, and we’ll keep looking for more great posts from you!

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “What Is NLP? Mark Caron’s New Blog”

  1. I’ve met so many people who are surprised when they do something that is out of step with their own beliefs and values. Many fight against bad habits like smoking, drinking more than they “want” to, eating the wrong foods (we all have our own list!). As a hypnotherapist, I’ve come to discover the root of the conflict. We carry around emotions in our subconscious mind that conflict with our concious actions. So we smoke or drink as a strategy to cope with stress, eat more than we want to because , at that moment, we feel comforted by food. Getting our subconscious mind and conscious mind on the same track can help us create real change that’s in sync with our true values and beliefs.

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