What do you do with the background noise?

Last night my choir and I recorded eight selections to be included on our soon to be released Christmas CD. The experience was delightful, moving, fun, unpredictable, occasionally perplexing, rewarding and exhausting. I love experiences like that!

This morning, I have been working on editing the sound files, getting them ready for reproduction. I was surprised to find out that the recording microphone picked up some nearby radio signal. After repeated attempts at manipulating files with Audacity, I have decided to give it a rest and let some things cook around in my brain for a while. I have no doubt that we will arrive at a satisfactory solution.

How do you deal with the background noise?

Do you allow it to continue to annoy you? Do you decide to call it something else? Do you embrace it? Run from it? Or perhaps simply accept it…

…let it cook in your brain, and believe with hope that there will be a solution…

Very soon my world will be filled with all sorts of background noise…the voices of hundreds of children, often invading my foreground, background, middleground…oh, that brings back memories of Shenkerian Analysis from my undergraduate days! Ah, that life could be reduced back to just three notes…hmmm, perhaps it can…and you can reflect on that one with me now, can you not?

Reduce…now…simplify. As you hear the voices of children, and others now.

Be well, and at peace,


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