Things grow where they belong…

Last night I had a very strange dream…but we won’t go into that just yet.

This morning in the garden, I was working on the much-neglected area around the sidewalk on the western side of the house. We rarely use this part. It’s where the garbage can and air conditioning unit sit. It’s really not very attractive, and in spite of the nice landscaping, not often enjoyed. Until this morning.

What’s your definition of a weed? Until this morning, I would have said, “it’s a plant growing where you don’t want it.” Then I looked.

There are ferns growing in between our limestone stepping stones.

I don’t want them there. There they are.

My immediate response is “well, they’ll never survive there.” Then, a thought pops into my mind. “Why not?”

I left them there.

Have you ever thought about the expression, “you just get under my skin!” Often, we attach the meaning of that phrase to a person. I wonder if you’ve ever attached it to a thought, or an emotion. Evidently I did last night. Something got under my skin. And it wasn’t pleasant! So, what to do about this…try to dig out the intruders and further harm myself? Or just wait…

Maybe, just maybe, there is something you can apply that will take care of what is under your skin now.  Something gentle, that heals.  Or maybe something else…

The interesting thing about fear is this: When you face it, and wait, it eventually backs down. You don’t have to do anything. Just acknowledge that it is there. Face it. Stare it down. Now. And watch it as it turns its back on you, and slowly walks away. Just allow it to go. And sit in silence as it does.

I’m leaving the ferns in the crack. Undoubtedly they have something more to teach me.

Be well, and at peace,


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