In The Stillness

This morning, we heard in the first reading about God being in the stillness.

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Readings

Are you looking for the Divine in the wind? The earthquake? The fire?


It’s in that little wisp of air. On the back of your neck. Now.

Go and stand at the entrance of the cave, where God awaits.

God is not shattering your world with force. Not sweeping you off your feet with a tornado. Not surrounding you with raging flames. God is in that still part. And you can find that still part in the center of you now. You recognize it. It’s that part that you are in touch with when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, or see something of incredible beauty, or think of someone you love. Or, when you speak words of comfort to a child when she falls down. Or a baby when he cries. Or a neighbor who is sad. Or a stranger in the park.

So right now, stop, and acknowledge that.

(Thank you Stephen, for your inspiration.)

Be well, and at peace,


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