Dinner in the Windy City–With a French Twist!

Tonight we ate at Cafe Bernard, at 2100 N. Halstead Street. We’ve been there several times before.

The wine list is to die for. The two of us completely consumed a fine 2000 Medoc with no difficulty. Delicious!

The meal was well-rounded, with a variety of flavors and textures. No home runs (unlike the Cubs today!), but good enough. I had escargots sous feulliette, romaine salad with apples and blue cheese, and half a roast chicken. Anthony had a duck pate, spinach salad, and escolar–a type of fish not unlike sea bass.

For the first time, perhaps, in a long time, I passed up the dessert menu. I guess I figured that there wasn’t anything on that menu that I couldn’t do at least as well (sorry if that sounds arrogant), and so, with a sigh, I said, “I think we’re ready for the check, thank you.”

Once in a while, through an unusual sequence of circumstances, we are forced to say to ourselves that “you just can’t go home, can you?” It is in this spirit that I bid Bernard a said adieu. I told Anthony tonight, “I think I finally have Cafe Bernard out of my system.” And that’s a good thing, becuase life is full of all sorts of other possibilities, now isn’t it? And We’re about to discover them…in Milwaukee tomorrow!

And yes, I did take some lovely photos of the restaurant tonight–all the best parts, to remember for a very long time. And as soon as I can, I will post them!

Be well, and at peace,


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