Drumming for Lammas

No, not furry animals. The holiday, Lammas. Read below to find out about that.

This was to drum away something old. Or drum in something new. Or something else. As Deborah put it, “It’s one of those funny in-between times.”

As we entered her home, we were smudged with sage from Northwest Territory, Canada.

Clear your being. Purify. Prepare.

We then were welcomed to the basement, where Deborah’s drums are. One whole room was full of Deborah’s toys, and as she said, “they have all given their permission to be played.”

Then, we all positioned ourselves around a huge drum known as Grandmother. She was made from the trunk of a willow tree, and cow hides for skins on both ends. Most of the evening she sat flat with one skin up, but at the end, we set her on her side, like this:

After breathing in some peppermint to enliven us, we began by some free drumming, loosening ourselves up, getting to know each other, so to speak. Each time we shifted to a different phase of the evening, we shared our names. Then we drummed for two twenty minute sessions–or so Deborah says; quite honestly, I couldn’t tell you how long we were drumming–I experienced complete time distortion. Before the first time, Deborah called upon the powers of the four directions, and then of the sky and earth. Then we set to drumming. Most of the time I sat at Grandmother, while several of us drummed on her together. She has a loud voice! There was a point sometime in the middle of the first round where all of us were drumming so closely in rhythm that she literally roared through my body! at times, several of us (including myself) took turns laying next to her, accepting her sound into our being. At the end of that first session, once we stopped drumming, my body literally continued to vibrate for about five minutes!

In between the two rounds, we gave the rattles a good shake to clear the air.

After drumming, all who wished to thanked their teachers. To ground us before leaving, we breathed in cedarwood.

I haven’t interpreted any of this for you. You may do that yourself.

Thank you Deborah, and all who drummed for Lammas.

Be well, and at peace,


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