A Change of Perspective

We love our garden. My favorite time in the garden is early in the morning, giving it just enough gentle tending to allow it to flourish on its own, without looking fussy. Not long after we bought the house, we planted a magnolia. It was just a tiny tree in a pot, but seven years later, it has well surpassed its projected height of ten feet. She must like the spot we chose for her!

In the spring she has a profusion of blooms (usually late March or early April in this part of the world). Talk about drawing attention to one’s self! Complementing this mass of pink and white is a skirt of periwinkle blossoms scattered underneath. About this time of year, she blesses us with a few more blooms scattered atop her crown. We’ve bemoaned that we haven’t noticed them much this year, until I happened to open the blind to the second-story window overlooking her. Lo and behold…

There they were!

Now what a difference a change of perspective makes, don’t you think?

I have a friend from NLP Connections, Stephen Redmond, who lives in Ireland. We talk back and forth on Skype, and via email from time to time about all sorts of things. Not long ago, he was sharing with me a strategy used in the practice of NLP to gain new insight on relationships. It’s called the Meta Mirror.

Here’s a great article about how the process works: Meta Mirror

Here are a couple of videos of practitioner/trainer Andy Duffy from the UK.

NLP Meta Mirror Set Up

NLP Meta Mirror Description

See what beauty you can find today by a change of perspective.

Be well, and at peace,


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