Her Majesty!

And now, my Lords and Ladies, may I present to you, La Reine de Saba! (wild applause)

And here is the soundtrack for her grand entrance:

Handel : Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (from ‘Solomon’)

Yes, it’s another dinner party. At our home this time!

If you wish to improve your anything, I suggest you try your hand at conquering this lovely lady. It was a good morning for me to do so. She requires your full attention when you invite her in. I was completely and utterly in the world of the buttering and flouring of the pan, the beating of the sugar and butter, the separation of the eggs (by hand, that is such a joy!), the melting of the chocolate with the cognac (what an aroma that is), the beating of the egg whites (arriving at the two stages just so), the folding in of the pulverized almonds, then the egg whites, then the flour, then the egg whites, then the flour…the marvelous moment of sending her to the oven, the waiting, the watching, the anticipation of the perfect moment for her to emerge…the flipping out onto the cake plate exactly ten minutes later, the excitement of waiting for her to cool her jets so that I can cover her with a delightful mixture of dark chocolate, cognac (again!) and butter (oh, and the joy of taking that concoction to its exact point of optimal spreading temperature), and then finally donning her with a lovely crown of almonds.

All of this with the helpful guidance of L’école des trois gourmandes. Merci beaucoup!

Be well, and at peace,


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