There are no ordinary moments.

Yesterday was quite a day for me. Actually, it was quite a finish to quite a week. I’m beginning to think, though, that every week of my life has been like this and I am finally awake to notice what is going on!

If you have never seen it, I would recommend renting the DVD The Peaceful Warrior. I recommend the book even more. Anyway, there is a quote from both of them that I have been running in my mind a lot as of recent, because it seems to apply: “There are no ordinary moments.”

I’m always happy to see my goddaughter every Sunday morning. She’s such a miracle in so many ways. Yesterday, however, the miracle seemed to be how much she had grown in a week’s time. I looked at her and said, “why don’t you come climb on my lap? It won’t be much longer before you’ll be too big to do that.” She responded back with a coy and playful look that is all too familiar to me, and rejected my offer. Suddenly a wave of emotion came over me, and I realized how much things were changing…right before our eyes…and what an amazing miracle that is. While my eyes were moistening up, her father swept her up in his arms, and after a bit of playful cuddling and a few kisses, threw her over to me. Now fully engaged in the game, she willingly went back and forth between us, taking in all the attention we could give her, her father giving me a knowing look, understanding what I was feeling.

No ordinary moments.

Now, time for a brief commercial break…if you are visiting my blog from Archwired, and you have recently had orthognathic surgery, I suggest that you read this post using perhaps one or more of the following contexts:

1) I can enjoy hearing about food, and can experience the pleasure of it without directly participating in it.

2) I can think about something I have to look forward to.

3) I can see that there is life after orthognathic surgery, and I will chew again!

(now, back to our regularly scheduled program…)

Last night was the perfect finish to a perfectly delightful day. After a long walk in our neighborhood (you all know how much I enjoy those long walks!), we went to our friends’ Jim and Renee’s house for dinner (check out Renee’s food blog, Second Breakfast). To say that we went for dinner hardly does the evening justice. It was an event! We felt very honored that they made time for us, as they are currently going through just about every big life change imaginable right now, so to give us a whole evening was a real treat.

Jim and Renee

Jim and Renee

The dinner began in the kitchen, with appetizers of baked cheese straws, rosemary roasted almonds and a cocktail of champagne and raspberries.

While Anthony and Renee made conversation in the house, Jim (aka GRILLMEISTER) and I went out to the driveway with four ribeyes and a basket of small tomatoes to be roasted. Now, that man knows what to do with a grill!

Dinner in the making...

Dinner in the making...

The assembled meal was nothing short of spectacular. To go with the organic grass-fed ribeyes and tomatoes were two delicious summer vegetable tarts with a cornmeal crust. Herb-encrusted goat cheese provided a delightful flavor combination with the steaks. Complementing the meal was a 2006 Montepulciano. Delicious.

As we all finished the last bites of our steaks, Renee added with a smile, “well, I don’t know about you, but I have not reached satiety yet. How about dessert?” I offered to help clear the table, but with strict orders to stay put, Jim and Renee set off to get things put away and dessert made ready–our contribution to the evening–a fresh berry tart. The crust was from Fannie Farmer, the Pastry Creme from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, V. I, and the fruit…from my other half! He beautifully prepared and arranged the blueberries and red raspberries atop the bed of creme as only he can.

After a dinner like that, I tend to become rather mellow, due to sensory overload. Renee, indicating that she had finally reached satiety, suggested that we all retire to the living room. I sat quietly for the most part, letting the rest of the willy-nilly after-dinner conversation wash over me, just taking in all the sights, sounds and feelings, with an occasional interjection. Those conversations often go in a million different directions. And they did.

Thanks, Jim and Renee, for an evening full of extraordinary moments!

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “There are no ordinary moments.”

  1. Renee Says:

    We had a fabulous time too! It’s so much fun to cook for you guys!

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