All I Need to Know.

Dinner was in the garden tonight. Even leftovers take on a wonderful new quality in the garden.

Towards the end of the meal, I looked across the table, and said, “you know, I’m at the ‘what now’ place in my life.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, so much has changed to shift my perspective in the last two months, and now everything looks different. So, ‘what now?'”


I took the dishes into the kitchen (not a very long walk) and began to wash. Maybe it was something about the suds, the water, the music running in my head…and then I remembered why.

Soon, I wasn’t alone in the kitchen anymore.

“Are you feeling sentimental?”

“No, I figured out the ‘what now.’ I know now why I’m here.”

“To help give my life more meaning?”

“No, your life has more than enough meaning on its own. You’re here for one reason. And I’m here for one reason. And all I need to know is that I’m here, in this kitchen, with this broom in my hand. That’s all I need to know (broad smile comes across my face).”

Have you ever tried mindful sweeping? I highly recommend it. I mean, while you pick up the broom, or the dishcloth, or the vacuum cleaner, or the trash can, or…really be there. I dare you.

Look at these guys. I don’t hear the rudbeckias saying “what now,” do you? My ears are straining…

Be well, and at peace,


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One Comment on “All I Need to Know.”

  1. tranquillotus Says:

    Hi phil,

    Nice read up on your posts, must say you appear to be a wiz in the kitchen, the meal looked great. I must get a copy of the peaceful warrior. It has not been released in Aust, yet. Must just not be meant to see just now. :-(.

    Be well and have a great day


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